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Development Planning Projects

Successful Development Planning


Countryside Properties – Harold Wood Hospital: 

Outline Planning Permission

Countryside Properties: Outline planning permissionSteve secured planning permission for 810 units following re-instruction on this site after its purchase by Countryside Properties. He advised on the strategy for securing a new hybrid (part-outline, part-full) planning permission as well as listed building consent.  The site included land where he previously secured outline consent for 423 units for the NHS. Managing a team of consultants and architects, we promoted the application, including EIA; undertook detailed public consultation and negotiation with the Council, GLA, TfL and the public and other bodies, securing consent, subject to a s106 Agreement.  This included detailed negotiations on affordable housing provision and viability and deliverability.

Architect Scott Brownrigg - Images courtesy of Countryside & Scott Brownrigg


Countryside Properties – Harold Wood Hospital:

Full Planning & Reserved Matters Permissions

Screen Shot House type C copy

Further to the Outline application proposals above, Countryside instructed Steve to seek full planning permissions for the first two phases, constituting 20 and 68 dwellings respectively. 

These applications and consents were submitted and secured whilst the S106 negotiations were ongoing for the outline application, in order to allow Countryside to begin development in the shortest possible timescale from grant of permission.  Two related applications for site infrastructure were also submitted and secured concurrently with these permissions.  

Seven further reserved matters applications have been worked through and received full consent Screen Shot House type B copyfor 74, 105, 144, 55, 84, 109 and 136 dwellings respectively, with the latest (seventh and final) phase, granted consent in August 2016.

Additionally, SW Planning have made numerous, successful condition discharge applications for the outline and full housing and infrastructure permissions previously secured.

Architect Scott Brownrigg - Images courtesy of Countryside & Scott Brownrigg


Greenwich Millennium Village Ltd – GMV Phases 3, 4 & 5, Greenwich Peninsula:

Hybrid application

Greenwich Millennium Village Ltd:  Hybrid application SW Planning secured planning permission for Greenwich Millennium Village Ltd for Phases 3, 4 and 5 of the GMV development at Greenwich Peninsula, within 12 months of instruction.  The key issues related to adjoining industrial development including safeguarded wharves and an earlier successful judicial review pursued by the Port of London Authority and aggregates operators and need for full environmental impact assessment.  We project managed a team for this residential led, mixed-use development, for 1,746 dwellings, retail, commercial and community space.  The scheme required significant consultation with the PLA and aggregates operators, local residents and businesses, the GLA, TfL and Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

The application was submitted in December 2011 and consent, including negotiation of the S106 Agreement was secured in March 2012. 



GMV2Since April 2014, SW Planning has secured four Reserved matters consents for further phases of the development, being for a new energy centre and 83, 112 and 170 new homes, as well as four commercial A1 - A4 class units.  

We are also working on design for the next four phases totalling approximately 430 new dwellings, plus related community, nursery and retail uses.

SWP are also charged with managing and submitting all pre-commencement and other conditions as well as S106 obligations, for all of these phases of the site.  This has required co-ordination of client, contractor and sub-consultants, review of documents for circa 70 conditions and meetings / liaison with RBG Officers to manage and secure the condition discharges. 

Architect: Jestico+Whiles - Images courtesy of GMV Ltd & Jestico+Whiles


Countryside Properties – Great Kneighton (Clay Farm), Cambridge:

Reserved Matters Applications

GK 12A, 13 & 14SW Planning have secured reserved matters consent for this phase (Parcels 12A, 13 & 14) of the wider, strategic development site at Clay Farm, part of the Cambridge Southern Fringe urban extension. The application seeks consent for 136 new homes, as an extension and evolution of the award winning Abode Phase 1 immediately adjacent. Working within the context of an adjoining proposed new school, new residential and country park, and the parameters of the OPP, EIA Parameter Plans and Design Code, we have project managed the application submission including extensive and detailed negotiations with Cambridge City Council.

Architect: Proctor & Matthews - Images courtesy of Countryside Properties & Proctor & Matthews


GK67 Persepctive Following the successful conclusion to securing consent for Parcels 12A, 13 & 14, SW Planning were instructed on two further phases, to secure reserved matters approvals for Parcels 6 & 7, being for 165 mixed tenure houses and apartments,  new open space, landscape and infrastructure, which was granted in February 2015; and for Parcel 8 for up to 251 new homes, plus new retail development, which we secured approval for in August 2015.

An amended scheme for part of Parcel 8 was also subject to a sucessful reserved matters application for 67 dwellings, approved in July 2017.

Architect: Tate Hindle - Images courtesy of Countryside Properties & Tate Hindle


Countryside Properties – Great Kneighton (Glebe Farm), Cambridge:

Full Planning Application

Glebe Farm GF3 PerspectiveSW Planning were instructed to advise on and seek full planning permission for 30 dwellings as the final phase (GF3) of the successful strategic development site at Glebe Farm, which together with Clay Farm also forms part of the Cambridge Southern Fringe urban extension. The application sought consent for 30 new homes, as an extension and evolution of the current Novo Phases 1 and 2 immediately to the west. Working within the context of existing and new residential development and related constraints, we have project managed the application process, including extensive and detailed negotiations with Cambridge City Council and public consultation. Planning permission was granted in February 2016 subject to successful conclusion of a S106 Agreement.

Architect: Countryside Properties - Images courtesy of Countryside Properties

Kier Homes – Former Saxby Site, Wellingborough:

Reserved Matters

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.10.05Steve initially secured outline planning permission for 175 units on this former factory site in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, in 2011.  The key issues related to demonstrating the loss of employment use would be acceptable, mitigating environmental impact in terms of traffic, visual impact and negotiating the s106 agreement.  In March 2012, Kier Homes appointed SW Planning to advise on the reserved matters submission for this residential development, which was submitted in November 2012 and received planning permission in April 2013.

Architect: Louise Cooper Architects - Images courtesy of Kier Homes & Louise Cooper

Countryside Annington (Mill Hill) Ltd – Millbrook Park, Mill Hill East:

Reserved Matters – Phase 1

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.26.47

SW Planning were instructed by CAMH Ltd to project manage the planning process for the design development and submission of reserved matters proposals for Phase 1 of the former Inglis Barracks site, Mill Hill East.  The phase, part of a wider site which has an outline permission, is heavily constrained by significant ground level changes, as well as very detailed Design Code, EIA Parameters and proposed neighbouring phases, which created numerous challenges for the design team.  



Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 12.27.06Working with the client, Project Architects Tate Hindle and the rest of the team, SW Planning have managed the design and application process through to submission and negotiation to secure Officers support as well as that of local interest groups, following initial reservations raised.  The application was approved at Planning Committee in April 2013. Subsequent work has included the co-ordination, submission and securing approval of planning conditions for this Phase, pursuant to the Outline, reserved matters and related infrastructure (highways and ground conditions) consents.

Architect Tate Hindle - Images courtesy of CAMH Ltd & Tate Hindle


SSE – Woolley Hall & Grange

Development Advice

Woolley HallSW Planning are providing development advice to SSE with regards their 13.4 ha Green Belt site in Maidenhead.  This follows previously securing planning for the redevelopment of their former HQ office building and listed hall for new commercial and residential use. However, due to the recent economic circumstances and the lack of commercial occupiers, the site was reconsidered for alternative redevelopment options, including wholly residential, working with high quality developers, Millgate, who subsequently secured full planning permission / listed building consent for 47 dwellings.  This follows our securing a draft allocation for the same in the emerging Borough Local Plan.

Architect Scott Brownrigg - Images courtesy of SSE & Scott Brownrigg


Imperial College – Queens Gate

Planning & Listed Building Consent Applications

170 Queens Gate main elevationSW Planning provided planning advice to Imperial College with regards to securing relevant planning and listed building consents for alterations, restoration and repair to elements of their property at Queens Gate, London, inclusive of new DDA access and basement refurbishment. Working with heritage advisors, architects and specialists for the relevant repairs / alterations, we have co-ordinated three submissions - each of which has been successfully granted consent by Westminster City Council.

Architect Berman Guedes Stretton, Heritage Advisor Alan Baxter Associates


Padmore's Yard LLP – Padmore's Yard, St John's, Woking

Full Planning Application

Padmores YardSW Planning were instructed to help seek full planning permission for this small redundant employment site situated within the St John's Conservation Area, in Woking, following a previous application having been refused. Working with Stainsby Architect, SW Planning managed the application submission and negotiation to overcome previous reasons for refusal, including the case against loss of employment and viability, as well as design matters, negotiated the heads of terms of a S106 Agreement and have secured Council approval.

Architect Stainsby Architect - Images courtesy of Padmores Yard LLP & Stainsby Architect


NHS Property Services – St George's Hospital, Hornchurch: 

Outline Planning Applications

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 16.45.30SW Planning were instructed to advise on strategy and project manage the preparation and submission of a pair of outline planning applications for this 11.75 ha, former community hospital site located within the Green Belt. Managing a team of consultants and architects, we have promoted the redevelopment proposals for a new 3,000m2 healthcare facility and conversion / redevelopment of the remainder of the site for upto 290 dwellings, which secured consent in July 2017, following a Planning Inquiry. We also undertook detailed public consultation and evolved the proposals for the submission which garnered 89% public support. 

Architect Scott Brownrigg - Images courtesy of NHS PS & Scott Brownrigg


Rainham & Beam Park Regeneration LLP (JV of LB Havering & Notting Hill Genesis) – Beam Parkway, Rainham Regeneration;

Series of 9 Outline Planning Applications

Beam Parkway Masterplan Aerial2SW Planning were instructed to provide planning advice with respect to the planning risks, opportunities and strategy for securing planning permission for residential redevelopment across 9 sites in the Rainham regeneration zone. We are project managing a multi-disciplinary team and have undertaken detailed public consultation, having submitted 9 outline planning applications. The first seven of these have been granted consent, for a total of 533 new dwellings, as well as consent for an area of public realm works approaching the proposed new Beam Park Station.  The total regeneration seeks consent for a total of 882 new dwellings.

Beam Parkway RW4b illustrative

The remaining two applications are expected to be determined within the next few months.  

 Architect Bell Phillips Architects - Images courtesy of LB Havering & Bell Phillips Architects




Matchroom Sport & Woodhall Properties - Upper Bedfords Farm, Romford;

Full Planning & Listed Building Application

Upper Bedfords Aerial colourSW Planning were instructed to advise on the potential of seek demolition and redevelopment of a number of agricultural buildings in the setting of a listed building and within the Green Belt.  Following detailed pre-application discussions and the submission of full planning and listed building consent application, we recently secured resolution to grant permission for the retention and conversion of two of the curtilage listed barns to three residential dwellings and demolition of the remaining barns to provide 5 new build detached houses, subject to completing a S106 Agreement.

We are now acting for the site purchasers and developers, Manor Properties, with LBY to deliver the scheme.

Architect Lyall Bills & Young Architects - Images courtesy of Matchroom Sport & Lyall Bills & Young Architects 

Hollybrook Homes & National Grid Twenty-seven Ltd - Crow Lane, Romford;

Full Planning Application

Crow Lane

SW Planning were instructed to provide planning advice with respect to securing planning permission for redevelopment of this 1 ha, former gas works site in Romford.  Following a Committee refusal of an earlier scheme, against Officer recommendation, a revised proposal was developed, and after extensive local consultation secured full support of neighbouring residents, local councillors and planning officers.  Full Planning Permission for redevelopment for 82 new homes was granted in February 2019, following completion of a S106 Agreement.

 Architect ATP Architects - Images courtesy of Hollybrook & ATP Architects